Frydenstrand Camping Mou   

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Frydenstrand Camping Mou
Frydenstrand 58 A
Skellet, Mou
9280 Storvorde
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01.01. - 31.12.
10° 13‘ 12.9360'
56° 58‘ 51.4560'
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The northeastern corner of Himmerland - that's where Frydenstrand Camping lies - is one of the largest plain landscapes in Denmark. In this beautiful area you find the largest high moors in northern Europe, Lille Vildmose. From the hills around the moor you can enjoy a splendid view, and a stroll into the heart of the moor is a lovely experience.

Mulbjergene - some 5 km from Frydenstrand Camping - is worth a visit. From the grassy hills you can see - on a clear day - the coast of northern Djursland and the hills in Frederikshavn. Enjoy the view over the sea in the east and the long plain landscape to the west. Even the hills offer a splendid and varying flora, and the stroll to the hilltop gives good exercise.Take a trip with the old Hals-Egense ferry to Hals, an old fishing village. During the summer, the Hals harbor is full of life, and a short walk away lies the Hals market place where market-days are held every Wednesday. For those interested in theater, there are several open air musical/theater performances throughout the summer on the old Skanse


The city of Aalborg, some 20 km west from Frydenstrand Camping, offers a great variety of urban facilities, shopping centers and shops. In the evenings, Jomfru Anne Gade with its numerous restaurants and discos is worth a visit.